Have a look at the fun facts about the best kind of desert of Dubai

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At times we plan a trip to a place, but we really don’t know about ye best places within that place. So anyone who has a plan to visit Dubai they should know about the best desert to visit in Dubai that is desert safari Dubai and the fun facts about this desert.

All the fun facts about desert safari Dubai:
The fun fact about desert safari Dubai is that this desert can be visited at any time of the day. Usually, when people visit other deserts they offer either a night package or a day package. But desert safari and our tour operators here offers three times offer for a desert safari that is morning, evening and night safari.

Morning safari:
Morning safari is the kind of experience that you will love. Your morning will be refreshed when you will get to see the desert safari in the morning. You will love to make your whole day adventurous after a morning safari here at desert safari Dubai.

Evening desert safari:
When you get tired of the whole day stress then you can come here to desert safari Dubai to relax. You will get to experience some amazing kind of cold winds on your face in the evening. The best part about evenings at desert safari is the sunsets. When the sun sets all the redness of both the sun and the sand dunes gets combined. You will get so much amazed by this view.

Activities that morning and evening desert safari offers:
Both the safaris offer almost the same kind of activities. I will mention them below.

Quad biking:
This is the most famous activity here at the desert safari. You will ride a four-wheeled bike on the sand dunes of Dubai. This is the most thrilling activity that you will experience here at desert safari.

Camel riding:
Ride on the humblest of creatures here at desert safari. You will love this ride in both the morning and in the evening.

Dune bashing:
Want to drive a land cruiser here at desert safari? Come to desert safari either in the morning or evening and experience the best kind of activity.

Overnight safari:
This is the best amongst all where you get to see and experience al the activities at night time. In this safari, you get the maximum amount of peaceful and soothing vibes. The activities that you will experience here are also one of the best kind, which I am mentioning below.

Tanoura dance:
This is a kind of Sufi dance. You will just love the way how it will be performed. People wearing long frocks will be roaming round and round on the Arabic music played the background.

Fire show:
In this show, people play with strings. You will love the way how much fearlessly it is performed.

Henna art:
Want to decorate your hands through a painless procedure? Go for henna art here at night camping.

BBQ dinner:
At the end of the night safari, you can have the best dinner of BBQ here.

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