All Amazing Game of Thrones looks you can create with Colored Lenses

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Colored contact lenses Halloween can really spice things up! People expect a change of clothing for sure, but imagine their surprise when your costume extends far beyond your makeup and clothes?

Colored contacts complementing your costume can do wonders for your overall look by truly bringing it to life and making it much more believable and realistic.

With such a diverse range of colored lenses available, an even wider number of characters can be chosen for Halloween even those from everyone’s favorite Game of Thrones!

Let’s go ahead and look at all the fun and freaky characters we can impersonate!

Everyone’s favorite – Sansa Stark

Sansa Starks’ gorgeous eyes are definitely worth envying. However, not to worry anymore, for they are well within reach! While the subtle nuances of natural eye colors and the way the reflecting light changes the shades hasn’t yet been achieved, even with all the technological advances, they definitely have come pretty close!

I do feel if you want to achieve the perfect Sansa Stark eyes, you’d have to be a little creative. For instance if your eyes lean more towards blue, opt for natural green lenses and vice versa.

White Walkers

The terrifying white walkers have definitely given a lot of nightmares to many, and have caused a million wild conspiracy theories too! And you have to agree that the portrayal of white walkers in the series has been tremendous.

The muscles rotted away yet perfectly preserved by the snow framing the eyes, the shrill screeches they use for communication, and oh, the horror of their dead horses. While the rest of their outfits and macabre facial structure can be achieved by expert seamstresses and makeup artists, that penetrating blue gaze can only be brought about by brilliantly colored contact lenses Halloween. There are plenty of lenses available which have the sharp blue color which can perfectly imitate the color of the white walkers haunting eyes!

Arya Stark

The indefinite beauty of nature manifests itself in wondrous ways. There are so many different shades just of green in the eyes of people, that it is utterly unbelievable! Where Sansa Starks’ eyes are a mellow, subdued green, her little sister Arya has eyes the color of the depths of the forests.

Not to worry though, because the gorgeous lenses available nowadays are literally in varying nuances of colors, meaning there are different shades of green lenses. Try them on till you find the ones that perfectly enhance your eye color to look like the little warriors!

Other than her green eyes, there’s another terrifying look she has played out to perfection with milky white blind eyes during her training. Those too can be easily imitated by using the blind white lenses! Just like Arya Starks’ eyes had a hint of the eyeballs peeking through, making her eyes even more deathly, the blind white lenses too allow a hint of pupils to shine through. Any person making eye contact with you this Halloween, will surely be frightened to their very core.

Cersei Lannister

Yet another stunning shade of green presents itself as the eyes of the manipulative Cersei Lannister. Like mentioned before too, lenses are being manufactured in a stunning array of colors, paying attention even to the subtle nuances such as undertones of colors and thus, all looks are possible!

All you really need are long locks to complete the look, because let’s face it, the boyish cut wasn’t very appealing at all was it?

Daenerys Targaryen

This one character seems to be playing quite a central role in the entire series. Imagine Game of Thrones without the mother of dragons? Would it all even pan out without the ferocious looking dragons heeding the command of a petite yet gorgeous woman?

I, for one, am pretty sure the series wouldn’t have worked out as well as it has.

The eye color of Daenerys is truly unique. It walks the fine line between violet, and a more neutral blue. The color is stunning, and has been carried out beautifully by the ever so gorgeous Emilia Clarke. If you’re planning to go as Daenerys all things relating to her personality can be sorted out pretty easily. The clothes aren’t very difficult at all, any seamstresses with even passable expertise should be able to stitch her trademark clothes, however, if you’re looking to masquerade as the Khaleesi, that could be a bit of a challenge!

And don’t forget her white blond locks too! Lastly, don a pair of violet lenses of a softer hue and you’re good to go as the formidable Daenerys Targaryen!

Remember to take good care of your lenses, especially if they are the reusable kind. It is recommended to use hypoallergenic makeup products with lenses as they are safe.

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