Could a Credit Card Be a Good Way for Families to Save on Groceries?

Happy shopping family paying by card at the supermarket

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Happy shopping family paying by card at the supermarket

Credit cards are often a great way for families to save money. Although it’s definitely possible for credit card spending to get out of control, families can use many elements of a credit card to save money rather than spend extra money. If you’re hoping to use a credit card to save money on groceries, here’s how you can utilize the best Chase card for groceries so your family can save.

1. Cashback on Grocery Purchases

The most prominent way that you can save on groceries with a credit card is with specific cashback offers on grocery purchases. It’s extremely common to see cashback offers that are higher for grocery stores than for other stores, although some stores that you may use as grocery stores, like Target and Walmart, may not be included for many cards. The USDA estimates that a family of four may need to pay $565 to $1,286 per month for nutritious foods, so having a high cashback on these purchases can pay off dramatically.

2. General Cashback

Cashback in general is something that’s available with many credit cards. If you’re planning to get a credit card, you might want to look at the cashback offers in general. If it’s better than the debit cards that you have, you may want to choose to use a credit card for your overall purchases, as this can give you access to cashback on all your purchases, and you can just pay off the balance every month.

3. Other Benefits

There are other benefits that you might be able to get from a credit card. These benefits will often be different for every credit card, but you may be able to get insurance on purchases, special savings, and more. Before you sign up for a specific credit card, it’s a good idea to look and see what benefits you may be eligible for when you sign up for that card.

4. Sign-On Bonuses

A sign-on bonus gives you extra cash back or points on your card when you meet the requirements. Typically, these requirements have to do with spending a certain amount of money within the first few months of having your card. Check to see how much money you’ll have to spend to qualify for a credit card sign-on bonus. If your typical family budget covers the amount of money that you’ll have to spend to qualify, this sign-on bonus could be a great option.


While you might automatically shy away from credit cards when you think about saving money, they can actually be a great tool to save money as long as you use them responsibly. A credit card can be an incredibly effective way to save money on your groceries, especially because of cashback bonuses that you may be able to use to pay for those groceries. These four things can all be great ways for you to save money with your credit card when you make grocery purchases.

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