3 Ways To Be A Smart In-Store And Online Shopper

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  1. Now that stores and shopping centers are open at normal capacity, you might find yourself doing your shopping both online and in-store. Or perhaps you are reaching retirement age or simply not accustomed to purchasing online but would like to stop going to in-person stores. Here are a few tips on how to make the best of both worlds and shop wisely both in-store and online.
Which Products To Buy Where
Your first question when deciding where to shop should be about the product you are looking to purchase. Some products are best when bought in person. For example, if you are looking to invest in a new pair of leather shoes and want to buy from a brand you have never heard of before, it would be best to find them in-person.
On the contrary, many electronics and appliances are purchased exclusively online these days. When you buy a new phone or dishwasher or TV online, you can benefit from hundreds or maybe even thousands of helpful user reviews. These reviews are often more valuable than seeing the product in person before buying.
Protecting Your Identity Online
When you are shopping online, be sure to purchase from websites with a 3-D secure payment scheme. There are many websites out there whose sole purpose is to scam unknowing online shoppers or prey on those who do not recognize the warning signs of fraud. If ever you are in doubt regarding the validity of the website you are on, simply go to sites like TrustPilot or check the domain’s name to see if it has http:// in the URL.
And if ever you do not find what you need by doing these little safety checks, simply google the name of the website. When buying online, it’s better to be safe than sorry!
Knowing The Return Policies
Whether you have opted to buy online or in-store, you should make sure that you know their return policy on whatever it is you have decided to purchase. In general, most websites have rather generous and flexible return policies and will allow you to send your purchase back within 14 to 31 days of its delivery.
As for stores, you will probably need to ask for clarification at the register. Something you should be wary of when buying online is the clearance section. Many websites put, especially clothes, for sale with very attractive discounts. The catch is that they are all final sale – once they have been shipped, they are yours! To make sure you do not find yourself with clothes that do not fit, simply find the website’s FAQ page and see if their return policy also applies to clearance items.

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