10 Marketing Strategies For Your Handmade Jewelries

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There are a number of magazines, books and websites that discuss plenty of features and marketing strategies for the small, big and mid sized businesses involved in jewelry making. Here we have compiled a list of 10 selected, workable, practical and helpful marketing tips for handmade jewelry business.

  1. Create variable quality designs in jewelry pieces that the audience can quickly choose from. This would save a lot time and mall hoping that goes in finding that one piece that can appeal the individual taste and preferences.

  2. Display your new and old, simple or exquisite, jewelry designs in just as many local events as possible. This will help your jewelry gain local exposure. Be selective and opt for the events that will prove to be an appropriate market for your items.

  3. Craft unique pieces of jewelry that can be given a catchy name that is intriguing and exciting. You can give specific names to specialized designs so as to attract a specific age group. For instance, ‘my only love’ theme can become popular amongst both married and single couples. Further, an added explanation on the meaning behind the design can also make a gift item intended to send out a specific message or symbolize a particular feeling. By way of this, you can create a receptive market for your merchandise.

  4. Lend few of your attention grabbing jewelries to a selected group of friends. You can have them wear it on regular basis. This can be your free public display and a sure shot marketing campaign. You can also provide them with the calling cards or brochures to give it to the people who will compliment your friends on your jewelry. So, whenever an item gets sold by your friend, give them a reasonable commission.

  5. Next you can network with professional women who love to adorn sets that compliment their professional wardrobes. You can sell the items directly in their parties, home or offices. You can also conduct seminars in their organizations on topics related to jewelry business, wearing jewelry, selecting jewelry or jewelry making. Word of mouth is definitely one of the most effective and free marketing campaign.

  6. Approach handmade boutiques to display your jewelry items. You can approach spas, salons, massage centers, bridal boutiques and fitness centers. Provide them with the designs that can be branded with their store name only if you do not wish to built a brand for yourself. You can also sell your pieces at discounted prices in these boutiques.

  7. Internet is the best tool to market your merchandise to the online buyers. Put up high quality professional, clean and quality images of your jewelry designs on the internet to entice the customers to buy your pieces.

  8. Get professionally designed business cards and brochures for the professionals and the store owners who might be interested in jewelry business or jewelry making.

  9. Display your custom made jewelry products in popular  sites of your area like make vana

  10. Lastly, create designs that are fresh and updated. People always seek something trendy, new and in style. This can be the best thing about jewelry making.

Final Say

Use these 10 marketing strategies to market your jewelry business and jewelry items better.

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