Select the Right Performance Clothing for Optimal Results

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There are many reasons why a person may need to layer up and wear a moisture wicking shirt underneath their regular attire. Performance long sleeve shirts are often found on athletes of all ages while they may be playing in in climate water. Soccer players, football players, lacrosse players and other athletes will wear these during the fall, winter and spring months under their jerseys. 

Performance shirts allow for sweat to be moisture wicked away from the skin and they add a layer of warmth and protection against the cold. These tight knit, stretchy and form fitting shirts also prevent wind burn. Many manufacturers of performance shirts also make performance pants, gloves and other articles of clothing to protect the person while they are out in the elements. 

In addition to athletes; those who enjoy the outdoors also benefit from wearing performance clothing. Hunters, fishermen, campers and other individuals who enjoy nature will be able to wear this clothing under their standard clothes. This will keep the night and morning chill away and help prevent frost bite, wind burn and hypothermia. 

The rise in popularity of outdoor sports and recreational activities has sparked a surge in the marketing and production of performance shirts. Consumers can now purchase these types of shirts virtually anywhere. Big box stores, online stores and sporting apparel and accessory stores also specialize in performance gear. The market is so large for this type of clothing that it is available in a wide array of colors. Many travel and professional teams require certain colors to be worn with their jerseys. This color obligation and expanded the color selection of performance shirts. Gone are the days of basic black and white. You can now purchase performance shirts in red, blue, green, pink, orange, gray, yellow, neon, purple and other basic colors. 

Performance shirts, pants and other articles of clothing all come with specific care instructions. They are often made of a high spandex and form fitting fabric variety. Many of the performance clothing brands need to be hand washed or washed on a gentle cycle. This will prevent snagging, ripping or a worn-out appearance. Performance clothing also should be line dried. The heat from a dryer can often be a bit too high and this will cause the clothing to shrink a bit. Performance clothing can be dried on a very low heat setting. 

When you decide to purchase performance, clothing be sure to do a little bit of research first. This clothing can often be a bit pricey and you typically get what you pay for. If you find something extremely reduced in price it may not be the best of quality. If you are utilizing it under a shirt to sit on the side lines and cheer on you a team, it may be fine. If you are purchasing for someone to play a sport in, you may want to pass. Utilize customer product reviews to guide you in the best direction for performance clothing with a reputation of longevity. Performance clothing is a key element in enjoying your time outdoors no matter the reason you are wearing it


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