5 Things to Consider When Shopping for Performance Shirts

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It’s important to wear the right clothes to be active in. Long sleeve performance shirts are the most important part of your workout gear. The biggest mistake you can make is wearing a plain cotton T-shirt for your workouts. Here are some tips to consider when purchasing performance shirts. 

Activity Appropriate 

Baggy T-shirts are not appropriate for cycling, running, or spinning class. Flowy tops are not appropriate when you are getting into complicated positions in yoga class. Think about the activities that you enjoy the most, and make sure the shirts you purchase are comfortable and appropriate enough for each of those activities. A fitted long sleeve performance shirt is most suitable for these activities and will last longer than your old T-shirt. As always, try on shirts before you buy them, and try some of your signature moves in the fitting room just to be sure. 


Avoid fabrics that irritate your skin. Choose a performance shirt that is made from materials that allow you to move. Pay attention to the fit as well as the style, as some performance tops tend to be tighter than regular long sleeve T-shirts. Notice if it has a small amount of Spandex. This allows for ease of movement during exercise and can give you a comfortable fit without being too tight. 


While you would rather hide in a baggy sweatshirt, you would feel better in a performance top that is flattering on you. If you feel better about yourself, you will be motivated to exercise more often. While fashion trends affect workout clothes, the basics will never go out of style. Choosing a performance T-shirt in this year’s hottest colors will make you feel better about yourself. 


Your performance shirts should take you from winter to summer. To avoid replacing your shirts every season, look for items that you can layer during the winter months. Choose one in a moisture-wicking fabric and layer it with a fleece vest or sweatshirt. Top off your look with a windbreaker or running jacket. Shop around for layering performance tops in the off-season when they are on sale. 

Technological Features 

Most performance tops come with anti-microbial treatments to prevent set-in odors. Other tops have ultra-violet technology to protect you from the sun. You can also buy performance tops with glowing elements to keep you safe after dark. If you like to hike, buy tops that have natural insect repellent to protect yourself against Lyme disease. 

Wicking Ability 

If you sweat a lot, make sure your performance top will keep you cool and dry. Choose one that is made from a Lycra/polyester blend or another material such as Nylon. These materials keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They even dry quickly. If you are shopping for eco-friendly workout clothes, bamboo and wool performance tops keep away moisture as well. 

The more you work out, the more you should take the time to find the right performance tops. Aside from keeping you cool, comfortable, and dry, the right top can also make you feel like a professional athlete. Choose tops that flatter your figure and allow you to perform in style.


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