What length skirt is right for you?

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Did you know that there is a mathematical side to fashion? It turns out that there is when it comes to working out what length skirt will suit you; however, we have made it easy for you to toss out the calculator and the measuring tape with our guide to what length to aim for without getting scientific!

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There are lots of things that influence skirt length, from trends to the economy and everything in-between; however, at the end of the day, the most flattering length will always be where the least amount of hemline hits your leg.

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If you are going short, make sure you don’t have a hemline that falls mid-thigh. This is the widest part of the leg and won’t be flattering. If you have a mini that you think is too short, try to have it made into a top instead or wear it over tight skinny jeans or tights.


If you lean the other way and prefer maxi dresses from retailers such as, remember that full-length dresses can make you look shorter. Ensure the hem skims the top of your foot rather than your ankle to add length and wear heels to give you a boost if so desired. You can also choose a dress with a slit so that you can show some skin.


If you love maxi dresses but want to show off some more leg, a mid-calf skirt is a great option. Mid-calf skirts can be tricky, as they can make you look shorter, so make sure the hemline falls on the thin part of the calf rather than on the thicker side. If you love midi-length skirts, you can always cheat and add length to your legs by wearing high heels; alternatively, a nude shoe can add the illusion of extra height.

On the knee

If you are looking for the most universally flattering skirt length, go for one that sits just above your knee. The knee is a thin part of the leg and a skirt that sits at this length will always look good no matter how short or tall you are. This length is great for petite, shorter women. If you are not a fan of showing your legs, you can always wear tights or stockings.


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