Thinking about updating your wardrobe – things to know

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Everyone likes to update their wardrobe from time to time. Even though your wardrobe is full, you might feel like you’ve worn your clothes too often or you’ve grown out of some of them and that makes you feel like you have nothing to wear. That’s frustrating, especially if you need to go out on a special occasion. The good thing is that you don’t necessarily need to follow seasonal trends in order to update your wardrobe with stylish clothes. Some clothing items or accessories are fashion staples that can easily become your go-to pieces for many different occasions.


If you like comfort, stylishness, and versatility, then you definitely need a few sweaters in your wardrobe. Sweaters are amazing because you can wear them with almost anything: jeans, classic pants, skirts, blazers, jackets, coats. Besides, depending on the fabric, you can wear a sweater in any season. A wool sweater, for example, can be worn all year round thanks to the fact that wool is a thermo-regulating fabric. Besides, some types of wool, like Irish merino wool, are very soft, lightweight, and feel pleasant on the skin. So you have the benefits of warmth, breathability and very pleasant softness. You can look for women Irish wool sweaters here.

Denim jeans

Denim jeans have been around for a long time and it seems like they are not going out of style anytime soon. The great thing about denim jeans is that they go well with anything. But it’s really important to buy a pair of good quality jeans. Sure, they might cost quite a bit, but they will last you a lifetime and they will look good every time you put them on. Depending on your style, you can choose oversized, slim-fit, straight-leg, flared,  high-waist or low-waist or whatever else you prefer.


Choosing shoes for everyday wear is not easy. They have to fit perfectly on your feet, they have to be comfortable and also versatile. While you might be tempted to wear sneakers all day, many occasions call for something more formal. That’s why you need a pair of black pumps. They are perfect to wear when you go to work, they also go well with jeans for casual wear or even with a nice dress for a night out with your friends or significant other.

Carry-all tote bag

If you spend most of your day outside your home, then you most likely need to take quite a lot of stuff with you. Whether you go to work or run errands, you need a bag for all your essentials. They are of variable size, so choose one that fits your needs best. Because they are larger than regular bags, they catch attention, so opt for something that will add a pop of color to your outfit or something with a stylish texture, for example, leather.

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