Reasons To Wear Medical Jewelry

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Some allergies are annoying and inconvenient. These types of allergies may cause watery eyes or sneezing. Other types of allergies are much more serious and may even include a trip to the emergency room. WebMD notes that food allergies account for 200,000 emergency room visits per year. Food allergies such as peanut and shellfish allergies are not the only allergic reactions that can have life threatening consequences. There can also be severe reactions for people with insect and drug allergies. 

It is crucial for anyone with a known disorder or severe allergy issue to take all available precautions. Medical alert jewelry is available for men, women, and children who are in danger of experiencing life threatening allergic reactions. During any type of extreme allergic reaction, time is of the essence. Many medical allergy wristbands can be engraved with crucial information that first responders can immediately see and use in their care administration. 

If insure of what to have engraved on the bracelet, consult your physician. Usually it is important to keep engraving concise and to include the pertinent type or types of allergies, as well as the action plan for dealing with an instance of a severe reaction. The American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology notes that it is important for severe allergy sufferers to keep two epinephrine doses handy. The medical alert bracelet should identify whether or not the epinephrine is on the patient or in their bag and if it should be administered. Some medical identification tags can also be linked to medical websites in order to be connected to more information than what fits on to a piece of engraved jewelry. 

Medical jewelry is also available in waterproof versions so that it never needs to be taken on and off. Individuals can freely swim, shower, and bathe while wearing the necklaces or bracelets. Bracelets are available in a variety of sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for anyone who needs to wear one. There are even very small toddler sized bracelets, and adjustable bands that fit a range of wrist dimensions. Adjustable bands are often a popular choice to wear while doing athletic activities. Clasp closure bands are also available and have a more similar look to traditional metallic non-medical jewelry. Patients may desire to have a variety of medical bracelets to wear for various occasions, although it is imperative to have one on at all times. 

Regardless of which style or metal wearers choose, the engraved personal medical data is discreetly worn facing the wearer. While it might not seem necessary to wear medical information, it is a way to ensure that vital details are communicated in the instance that you are not able to speak them yourself. With the variety of affordable styles available, there are options for everyone. Some companies also offer free shipping, warranties, and customer satisfaction guarantees. Don’t delay choosing medical jewelry if you know that it could save your life. Feel confident that there are attractive and responsible ways to keep yourself safe. 

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