What are the best colours to wear on a first date?

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First dates can be as nerve-racking as they are exciting. Clothes and colour options not only say something about you but also influence the atmosphere and boost confidence. Let’s take a look at the best colour choices for a first date.







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1. Black








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Research psychologist Richard G Lewis explains that black is both influential and mysterious. It is a popular choice when it comes to concealing imperfections, while also being versatile to mix with other colours. It is suggestive of power and confidence, creating a slightly mysterious but strong first impression.

Black is also associated with quality. A University of Washington study undertaken by Joe Hallock found that perceptions of quality were 43 per cent in favour of black compared with 20 per cent for blue.

Psychologists studying the TV series First Dates discovered that the amount of black worn increased more than red between pre-date interviews and the actual dates. This suggests that while red piques sexual interest in evolutionary terms, black is becoming just as popular a choice to attract new partners.

2. Blue

Blue is a beautiful choice that often rates highly on favourite colour lists. It brings about positive feelings, with Hallock’s studying finding that participants associated blue with dependability, superior quality and security. According to colour expert Catherine Shovlin, it can also boost brain activity, sparking creative imagination and the conversation that is so important on a first date.

Blue can also affect how you and your date feel and the atmosphere that is created. According to Keeley Fox, a colour expert, some tones evoke a sense of calm and trigger chemicals in the body to help induce relaxation. On the other hand, brighter and more vibrant shades, such as electric blue, evoke a sense of drama and energy. A blue maxi dress won’t just look fantastic but will also help to inspire conversation and provide a calming influence for your date. If you are looking for a blue maxi dress visit AX Paris or another fashion brand.

3. Red

To make a sexy statement, go for red. The colour of passion, red can elicit feelings of desire and excitement, increasing respiration and pulse rates to get your date hot under the collar. Red will emphasise your assertive, confident side while capturing your date’s full attention.

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