Small Home Changes That Have a Big Impact

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Major home renovations and redecorating are long and costly processes. When a home has had the same look for a significant period of time then an update could bring new life and excitement to an existing space. The best way to tackle this task is by making small, but meaningful, changes in each room of the home. Each change is both budget-friendly and aimed at making an immediately noticeable difference. Working from room-to-room with these modifications will create a significantly updated home that has been visually refreshed. 


There’s no need to bring out the sledgehammer and start fresh. The easiest changes will create an entirely new bathroom ambiance. First, choose from any new faucets birmingham mi that will make the sink and counters look newer. Next, ditch the existing shower curtain and rugs. Choose a new theme or color scheme. The end result is what looks like an entirely new bathroom. 


Everything in the kitchen is big and expensive to replace. Instead of trying to do too much on a budget focus on visual appeal. Start out with a new faucet, like in the bathroom, for better functionality and an instantly improved sink area. If the cabinets are looking shabby then it is time to give them an update. The simplest way to do this is by painting them, but a modern trend is to replace the existing cabinet door with new doors made with glass. The ability to see into cabinets gives off an air of elegance without all of the hassles. 

Living Room and Dining Room 

Most families find themselves spending a lot of their time at home in one of these two rooms. A free, but effective, way to give an existing room a new look is by rearranging. This can also change the feel and flow of the room. Consider the wall decor next. Has it been there forever? Does it date the house? If either of these is true then it is time to swap the decor for something new and lively. 


Aside from changing out furniture, changing up the color scheme or theme can make a big impact. Window coverings often are not swapped out unless necessary, but they are a major focal point in most bedrooms. Change the curtains and then continue on to update the bedding to match. This creates a seamless flow of change that required very minimal effort. 

There is no set time of the year that is necessary to begin a new task. Every day is a new chance to make a change. Small updates and changes around the home can lead to an entirely new look and feel. Redecorating should take place one room at a time starting with the smallest and working to the largest. Follow this suggested order bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedrooms. The entire house can be updated on a budget with a finished product that looks like it was professionally decorated.

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